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Collecting how good is it?

Insect collecting Technigues
 by M.Johnson and S.Bailey

Collecting and Preserving Insects.
by Rob Toms and Iléma Fourie, Transvaal Museum (Ent.Dep.), Pretoria

Night Collecting

TRAPS (pitfall, yellow, etc.)


Collecting Permits

Collecting in Africa

Collecting in Asia

Collecting in America borealis

Collecting in America centr.and merid.

Collecting in Australia

Collecting in Europe



Collections Managers OnLine (Gopher)


How to collect beetles for DNA studies

The preserving of insects.

Methods For Relaxing Specimens

How to set up (prepare) specimens.

Temperature and humidity for Collection.

Solutions, fluids etc

Some special techniques

Classification of Abundance (Proposal)

Low-cost insect boxes and high-volume storage cabinets
by James Bergdahl

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