Vesperidae and Cerambycidae of Europe I. (I.Jenis)
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Ivo Jeniš
Long-Horned Beetles
Distenidae, Oxypeltidae, vesperidae, Anoplodermatidae & Cerambycidae I
Vesperidae @ Cerambycidae of Europe I.

ISBN -80-238-6757-1
published by Atelier REGULUS

Hardback book 165 x 235 x 28 mm , 1 060 gramms

333 colour pages on high quality paper
I - XXXV coulour plates with 272 colour photographs of cerambycidae of the World in scale 1 : 1
336 species on 753 colour photographs
The book is writen in English with subtext translation into Czech.

Price and postage of the book:
in US$ in Euro
book 66.00 76.00
postage to Europe 13.00 15.00
postage to overseas 22.00 25.00

How to order:

send bank check to:

Ivo Jenis
783 32 Náklo 342
Czech Rep.


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Table XXIV

A sample of double page a main part of the book

Explanation page

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