Coleoptera databases and catalogues
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How to make a database

List of Genera
This will be part of Ubio project

Index of Organism names (ION)

Biodiversity websites - a species search engine
iSpecies is a test of E O Wilson's idea of a web page for each species. The data displayed are generated "on the fly" by querying other data sources


Check-list of the Tenebrionidae of the World and allied families.
(inluding Alleculidae, Lagriidae etc.)

Check-list of the Czech and Slovak Beetles

Tenebrionidae / Systematic

Check-list of European Carabidae

Zoological records

Australian Faunal Directory

Atlas of Living Australia

Beetles from Virgin isl. (Ohio St. Uni.)

Beetles of Canada and Alaska

Beetles of Costa Rica

Beetles of the Sweden

Beetles from around Hamburg/Northern Germany.

Coleoptera of Rhode Island USA

Biocise (Berlin)

Travis County Beetle Survey


Buprestidae of the World by Belammy, Chuck

Cantharoidea of the World by J.J.Cicero

Caraboidea - Checklist, Western hemisphere Caraboidea (Gopher menu)

Carabus by AurÚlienDralet

Cerambycidae of the palaearctic region

Cerambycidae of western hemisphere. (Fr.Hovore)

Cicindelidae - G.Peabody Museum (gopher)

Classification of Aquatic Coleoptera (Family, subfamily level)

Insecta nearktica - Coleoptera

Entomology Collections Catalog

Fauna Iberica - Coleoptera

Guide to palearktic Flea Beetles (Alticinae)

Genera of Noteridae

Database of Histeroidea

Latriddidae, Merophysidae and Dasyceridae

Scarabaeidae by Blaine Mathison

Checklist of Scarabaeiodea of the Nearktic realm by Andrew. B. T. Smith

Staphyliniformia - Dr Didier Drugmand

Sulawesi Beetles

Svenska insektskataloger - Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Neotropical Anthribidae (by J.R.M.Mermudes)

Anthicidae: Formicomini

Saplingidae (Telnov)

Trictenotomidae (Telnov)

Subfamilies and tribes of Tenebrionidae in the University of Queensland Insect Collection

Zopheridae, Perimylopidae, Chalcodryidae, Tenebrionidae and Alleculidae in the Albertson College Collection

Coleoptera Suborders, Series, Superfamilies, Families, and Subfamilies after Lawrence, J. F. and A. F. Newton, Jr. 1995

Nomenclatural Databases


Coleoptera of AUSTRALIA

Database of British and Northern European Coleoptera
The WDC currently has three contributed data sets containing proxy data from insects.
BUGS, a database of British and Northern European Coleoptera, including information on habitat, distribution, and fossil occurrence, along with their bibliographic references, has been contributed by Paul Buckland (Sheffield University), Phil Buckland (Umeň University) and Jon Sadler (Birmingham University). The database was updated in 2003 and is available for download in Microsoft Access2000 or stand-alone formats. Access version around 21 MB.

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