P & E Insects (Argentina)
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P&E Insects
Pablo Sebastián Wagner

PHONE: (54-11)4765-6265.

General information
Minimum order is U.S.$100.00, plus U.S.$30.00 for packaging, airmail, export permission
and Animal sanity. Orders of U.S.$500.00 or more, take a 5% discount. Payment for check,
Electronic transfer for WESTERN UNION to name of Pablo S.Wagner. D.N.I.:26200393 , or cash.
Advance of payment 100% with your order. All prices are in U.S. dollars.
Before any doubt, consult us please.

 The Price list
f.= form; nothing= exemplary; sp.= specie; var.= variety; QTY.= quantity

name sex price Ref.No. quantity
Bostrychopsis uncinata Germ. 0.40 20B20 80
Micrapate sp 0.20 20B40 50
Xyloprista hexacantha Fairm. 0.30 20B90 20

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