The Beetle
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What is the Beetle - Coleoptera


The Beetle(s) in different languages

What is species, genus, tribe, family

Genera with the longest list of species



Why do I have a collection of ladybirds?


How to collect and set up (prepare) beetles for collection.

On line Identification keys

Basic family Identification by Virginia Tech

Grooming behavior in Coleoptera

Illustrated index of families to the Atlas of beetles of Russia


Fact Sheets.

Beetles by Australian Museum

What is difference between Bugs and Beatles

Beetle Science by Cornell University

Beetles by North Carolina State University

Beetle on Discover life

Beetle on Wikipedia

Beetle by Bug Guide

Beetles on Insects Zoo


*Insect Corner -* Insects are all around us, they make up more than half of all living things on the planet, including beetles, bees, centipedes and more. Come and find out about them at Insects at Animal Corner.
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