How long beetles are on the Earth.
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John Lawrence:
I think the first beetle-like fossils which were truly related to present day beetles are from the Lower Permian of Moravia (about 275 million years before present). This is the family Tshekardocoleidae. In the Insects of Australia, Kukalová-Peck places these in an order Protocoleoptera but they seem to represent beetle ancestors. Coleoptera in a more restricted sense first appear in the Upper Permian (about 250 mybp). Some of these Upper Permian forms are sometimes placed in Cupedidae but most are usually included in Permocupedidae and a couple of other families. True Cupedidae, as I understand them do not begin until the Lower Triassic (about 230 mybp).


Pat Craig:
Looking in the Treatise On Inveertebrate Paleontology. Part R Arthropoda 4 1992 by Frank M. Carpenter: " The oldest known Coleoptera are from Permian beds, and all of these belong or could belong to the Archostemata: thirty genera in five families, all extinct." p 282.

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