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About key to beetles
Keys are compiled by those who do not need them for those who cannot use them.


Dung Beetles of New South Wales

Flower Chafers of New South Wales

Christmas Chafers of New South Wales

Palearctic Alticinae Genera

Elaterformia (in Delta)

Staphylinidae of North America
by M.L. Ferro, M.K. Thayer, A.F.Newton and J-S. ParK


Illustrated index to families

Identify beetle family (by picture) - ERGIIS

Illustrated Probert Encyclopedia - Europe

Atlantic Canada Coleoptera

Key to Genera of Elaphidiini


The British Insects
by L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz


FLORA search

Flora base by Western Australia


Download X:ID
X:ID is an XML-based identification and diagnostic key software system. It allows users to create their own web-based diagnostic or identification keys and run them over locally or over the web.

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