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Cucujidae (s. str.), Laemophloeidae, Passandridae, Silvanidae)

by Michael C. Thomas
This is a working list of the valid names in the four cucujoid families known collectively as flat bark beetles. The most recent catalog of these groups (Hetschko 1930) was published as part of Junk's Coleopterorum Catalogus. Since then, and especially since the mid 1950s, there have been so many changes in the taxonomy of these beetles that a new catalog is badly needed. This list is a first step towards that goal. I thank D.G.H. Halstead for reviewing this checklist and correcting my many mistakes.

Please contact me with comments, corrections, additions, etc.

Note: The species listed under "?Laemophloeus" were described in that genus (as were most laemophloeids) but have not been examined by modern workers and cannot be assigned to genera at this time. Laemophloeus (s. str.) is restricted to the Palaearctic, Nearctic, and Neotropical regions. Paraphloeus has been synonymized with Narthecius, leaving one species unassigned; it is listed here under "Paraphloeus". A few combinations (especially in Charaphloeus and Phloeolaemus) are unpublished. It is not my intention that posting this on the Web should constitute publication, and the new Code apparently does not recognize electronic publication.

Cucujidae Laemophloeidae Passandridae Silvanidae
A Preliminary Checklist of the Flat Bark Beetles of the World
(Family Cucujidae (s. str.))

by Michael C. Thomas
Family Genus Species Author Distribution
Cucujidae Cucujus bicolor Smith Nepal
Cucujidae Cucujus c. clavipes Fabricius eastern North America
Cucujidae Cucujus c. puniceus Mannerheim western North America
Cucujidae Cucujus cinnaberinus Scopoli northern and central Europe
Cucujidae Cucujus coccinatus Lewis Japan
Cucujidae Cucujus grouvellei Reitter Himalaya
Cucujidae Cucujus haematodes Erichson central Europe to Siberia
Cucujidae Cucujus imperialis Lewis Assam, Taiwan
Cucujidae Cucujus kempi Grouvelle Abor Country
Cucujidae Cucujus mniszechi Grouvelle Japan
Cucujidae Cucujus opacus Lewis Japan
Cucujidae Palaestes abruptus Sharp Panama
Cucujidae Palaestes freyreissi Heyden Brazil
Cucujidae Palaestes nicaraguae Sharp Nicaragua
Cucujidae Palaestes nigriceps Waterhouse Chiguinda
Cucujidae Palaestes nigridens Sharp Panama
Cucujidae Palaestes scutellaris Sharp Guatemala
Cucujidae Palaestes tenuicornis Waterhouse Peru
Cucujidae Palaestes variipes Sharp Guatemala
Cucujidae Pediacus ater Grouvelle Sumatra, Java
Cucujidae Pediacus confertus Sharp Guatemala
Cucujidae Pediacus depressus Herbst northern and central Europe, boreal North America
Cucujidae Pediacus dermestoides Fabricius central Europe to the Caucasus, Near East
Cucujidae Pediacus fuscus Erichson northern and central Europe, boreal North America
Cucujidae Pediacus japonicus Reitter Japan
Cucujidae Pediacus kurosawai Sasaji Japan
Cucujidae Pediacus major Sharp Guatemala
Cucujidae Pediacus mexicanus Sharp Mexico
Cucujidae Pediacus montivagus Champion India (Kumaon)
Cucujidae Pediacus rufipes Grouvelle India
Cucujidae Pediacus similis Sharp Guatemala
Cucujidae Pediacus smirnovi Nikitsky & Belov Azerbaijan
Cucujidae Pediacus tabellatus Wollaston Canary Is.
Cucujidae Platisus integricollis Reitter Australia
Cucujidae Platisus moerosus (Pascoe) Australia
Cucujidae Platisus obscurus Erichson Australia: Tasmania
Cucujidae Platisus zelandicus Marris & Klimaszewski New Zealand
A Preliminary Checklist of the Flat Bark Beetles of the World
(Family Laemophloeidae)

by Michael C. Thomas
Family Genus Species Author Distribution
Laemophloeidae "Paraphloeus" longicollis Sharp Guatemala
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus admotus (Grouvelle) Taiwan
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus aemulus (Brethes) Argentina
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus aeneus Grouvelle Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus albipennis Reitter Colombia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus albofasciatus Grouvelle Venezuela
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus alluaudi Grouvelle Madagascar
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus amabilis Olliff Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus arrowi Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus articeps Olliff Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus atratulus Grouvelle Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus australasiae Blackburn Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus bembidium (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus bimaculiflavus Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus bimaculosus Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus bistriatus Grouvelle Australia, Tasmania
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus bouchardi Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus carinatus Reitter Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus carinicollis Grouvelle Burma
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus carinulatus Wollaston St. Helena
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus castaneipennis Grouvelle Grenada, Colombia, Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus coloratus Grouvelle Sri Lanka
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus consobrinus Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus constrictus Kessel Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus contaminatus Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus conterminus Olliff Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus deletus Grouvelle Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus difficilis Blackburn Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus distorticornis Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus dorsalis Grouvelle New Guinea
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus dufaui Grouvelle Guadeloupe
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus eucalypti Lea Australia: Tasmania
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus fairmairei Grouvelle Madagascar
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus felix Kessel Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus fenestratus Reitter Japan (placed in Placonotus by Iablokoff-Khnzorian)
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus filicornis Grouvelle New Calidonia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus formosianus Grouvelle Taiwan
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus foveicollis Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus foveolatus Reitter Sri Lanka
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus frater Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus fuscolineatus Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus fusculus Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus gestroi Grouvelle New Guinea
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus gounellei Grouvelle Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus haemorhoidalis Grouvelle New Caledonia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus harmandi Grouvelle East Indies
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus hilleri Reitter Japan (placed in Placonotus by Iablokoff-Khnzorian)
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus howensis Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus humeralis Grouvelle New Guinea, Taiwan
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus hypocrita Grouvelle Sri Lanka
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus ignotus Kessel Samoa
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus inauditus Grouvelle Australia: Tasmania
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus indicus Grouvelle East Indies
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus infuscatus Motschulsky Russia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus insignior Blackburn Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus insignis Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus insinuans Grouvelle Sri Lanka
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus insolens Grouvelle New Guinea (Dore)
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus insularis Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus lacerdae Grouvelle Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus leachi Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus lindi Blackburn Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus lucanoides Smith Colombia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus macleayi Olliff Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus mandibularis Grouvelle Burma, Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus mariae Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus mathani Grouvelle Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus mauditus Grouvelle Australia: Tasmania
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus mendax Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus mixtus Grouvelle Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus molestus Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus multipunctatus Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus murrayensis Blackburn Australia: Tasmania
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus neglectus Grouvelle New Guinea
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus nigrifrons Grouvelle Bolivia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus nigroornatus Reitter Japan (placed in Placonotus by Iablokoff-Khnzorian)
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus norfolcensis Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus notabilis Grouvelle Congo
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus obliquefasciatus Grouvelle Venezuela
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus omissus Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus ovipennis Reitter Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus pallens Kessel Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus pallidipennis Reitter Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus pallidus Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus parasitus Reitter Celebes
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus parvulus Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus peculiaris Grouvelle Spanish Guinea
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus pilatei Grouvelle Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus pilosus Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus politus Fairmaire Fiji
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus prominens Hetschko Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus proprior Grouvelle Seychelles
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus pusillimus (Mannerheim) Alaska
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus pusulae Blackburn Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus ramsayi Olliff Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus regularis Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus repandus Reitter Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus rugifrons Grouvelle Burma
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus sanguinolentus Hope East Indies
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus semiaeneus Reitter Colombia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus semiflavus Grouvelle Colombia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus singularius Hetschko "Sotschi" (=insularis Kessel, singularis Hetschko)
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus speciosus Grouvelle Vietnam
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus stramineus Reitter Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus straminipennis Reitter Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus subopacus Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus subpallidus Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus subtilis Rey Greece
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus subturcicus Grouvelle India
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus tasmanicus Grouvelle Australia: Tasmania
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus tenebrosus Grouvelle Reunion Island
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus tener Grouvelle Indonesia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus testaceo-rufus Lea Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus tricostata Montroz. New Caledonia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus tuberculatus Grouvelle Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus ubiquitosus Lea Australia: Tasmania
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus urgens Kessel Brazil
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus victoriae Blackburn Australia
Laemophloeidae ?Laemophloeus visendus Grouvelle Malaysia (Pulo Penang)
Laemophloeidae ?Phloeipsius cognatus (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Blubos matris Lefkovitch Belgian Congo: Kivu
Laemophloeidae Brontolaemus agilis Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Brontolaemus currax Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Brontolaemus elegans Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Brontolaemus nudicornis Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Carinophloeus raffrayi (Grouvelle) East Africa
Laemophloeidae Carinophloeus zairensis Slipinski Zaire
Laemophloeidae Caulonomus rhizophagoides Wollaston Canaries
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus adustus (LeConte) eastern United States
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus alticola (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus amulae (Sharp) Mexico
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus annectens (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus bituberculatus (Reitter) West Indies, Florida
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus carabinus (Sharp) Panama
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus celatus (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus clavicornis (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus convexulus (LeConte) eastern North America
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus convexus (Grouvelle Central America, Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus corporalis (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus dimidiatus (Schaeffer) Arizona
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus distans (Sharp Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus flavescens (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus flavosignatus (Schaeffer) Arizona
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus frequens (Sharp) Guatemala, Panama
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus guatemalenus (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus insolitus (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus inustus (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus optatus (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Charaphloeus striatus (Sharp) Panama
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes abietis (Wankowicz) Europe
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes ampiyacus Thomas Peru
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes atuloides Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes atulus Lefkovitch S. Thome, Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes beccarii (Grouvelle) New Guinea (Aru Is., Wokan)
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes bicolor Chevrolat Cuba
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes biskrensis Grouvelle North Africa, Uganda, Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes brunneus Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes calabozus Thomas Venezuela
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes candius Lefkovitch South Yemen
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes capensis (Waltl) Europe
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes capillulus Thomas Brazil
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes cornutus Thomas & Zimmerman Thailand
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes corticinus (Erichson) Europe
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes curus Lefkovitch Aden, South Yemen
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes diemenensis (Blackburn) Australia: Tasmania
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes divaricatus Grouvelle Sri Lanka
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes duplicatus (Waltl) Europe
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes dybasi Thomas southeastern United States
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes evansi Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes fauveli (Grouvelle) New Caledonia
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens) cosmopolitan
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes fractipennis (Motschulsky) Europe
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes fursovi Iablokoff-Khnzorian Turkestan
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes halevyae Thomas Israel, Cyprus
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes incertus (Grouvelle) Burma, Indonesia
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes klapperichi Lefkovitch cosmopolitan
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes lepesmei Villiers Cameroon, Ethiopia
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes mexicanus Thomas Mexico, Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes minimus Lefkovitch Angola
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes planulatus (Grouvelle) Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes pubescens Casey California, Arizona
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes punctatus (LeConte) eastern half of North America
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes pusilloides Steel & Howe cosmopolitan
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes pusillus (Schonherr) cosmopolitan
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes schwarzi (Casey) southeastern United States
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes spartii (Curtis) Europe
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes spatulifer Thomas Argentina
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes trinidadensis Thomas Trinidad
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes turcicus (Grouvelle) cosmopolitan
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes ugandae Steel & Howe central Africa
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes uncicornis (Reitter) southeastern United States, Central and South America, West Indies
Laemophloeidae Cryptolestes weisei (Reitter) Europe
Laemophloeidae Cucujinus curtipennis (Grouvelle) Zanzibar, Gabon, Kenya, Cameroon, Spanish Guinea
Laemophloeidae Cucujinus micromma Arrow Cameroon
Laemophloeidae Cucujinus nebulosus (Grouvelle) Congo
Laemophloeidae Cucujinus (Paracucujinus) brevipennis (Grouvelle) Madagascar
Laemophloeidae Cucujinus (Paracucujinus) coquereli (Grouvelle) Reunion Island
Laemophloeidae Deinophloeus ducalis Sharp Mexico, Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Deinophloeus hirsutus Thomas Mexico
Laemophloeidae Deinophloeus impressifrons (Schaeffer) Arizona
Laemophloeidae Deinophloeus sheilae Thomas Mexico
Laemophloeidae Deinophloeus sinuatus Sharp Panama
Laemophloeidae Dysmerus basalis Casey southeastern United States
Laemophloeidae Dysmerus caseyi Grouvelle Grenada (=sulcicollis)
Laemophloeidae Gannes ambiguus (Grouvelle) Uganda, Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Gannes immoderatus Lefkovitch Belgian Congo, East Africa
Laemophloeidae Heterojinus semilaetanus (Grouvelle) India
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus biguttatus (Say) North America
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus californicus Casey Calfornia
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus catharinensis Kessel Brazil
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus chevrolati Grouvelle Cuba
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus distinguendus Sharp Guatemala, Panama
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus fasciatus Melsheimer eastern North America
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus femoralis Sasaji Japan
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus fervidus Casey northeastern North America
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus incisus Sharp Guatemala, Panama
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus krausii Ganglbauer Europe
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus lecontei Grouvelle Florida
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus macrognathus Reitter Colombia
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus megacephalus Grouvelle southeastern United States, Central and South America, West Indies
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus monilis (Fabricius) Europe
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus muticus (Fabricius) Europe
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus nigricollis Lucas Europe
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus ribbei Reitter Siberia
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus sexarticulatus Kessel Brazil
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus shastanus Casey California
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus similans Kessel Brazil
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus submonilis Reitter Japan
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus suturalis Reitter Texas, Louisiana, Central and South America
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus terminalis Casey Texas
Laemophloeidae Laemophloeus woodruffi Thomas eastern United States
Laemophloeidae Lathropus minimus Champion Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Lathropus parvulus Grouvelle Mexico
Laemophloeidae Lathropus pictus Schwarz Florida, West Indies
Laemophloeidae Lathropus pubescens Casey California
Laemophloeidae Lathropus robustulus Casey Texas
Laemophloeidae Lathropus sepicola (Muller) Europe
Laemophloeidae Lathropus striatus Casey Michigan
Laemophloeidae Lathropus vernalis LeConte eastern North America
Laemophloeidae Lepidophloeus exquisitus (Grouvelle) Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles
Laemophloeidae Lepidophloeus minusculus (Grouvelle) Mexico, Costa Rica
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus abei Sasaji Japan
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus alternans Erichson Europe
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus angustulus (LeConte) eastern United States
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus anormus Grouvelle Kenya
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus ater Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus axillaris Wollaston Madeira
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus bupleuri Peyerimhof Algeria
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus capitus Lefkovitch South Africa
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus cassavae Lefkovitch Sierra Leone
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus clematidis (Erichson) Europe
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus convexiusculus (Grouvelle) Japan
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus cornutus Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus femoralis Sasaji Japan
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus foveicollis Sasaji Japan
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus hypobori Perris Europe
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus janeti (Grouvelle) Uganda, Ghana, Congo
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus juniperi (Grouvelle) Europe
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus linearis Grouvelle Congo, Ethiopia
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus lucidus Grouvelle East Africa, Ethiopia
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus mobilis Grouvelle East Africa, Congo
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus mucunae Lefkovitch Uganda, Congo
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus opaculus Grouvelle East Africa
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus parallelus Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus perrisi (Grouvelle) Europe
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus problematicus Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus punctatus Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Leptophloeus stenoides Wollaston Madeira
Laemophloeidae Magnoleptus parallelicollis Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Magnoleptus pugnaceus Lefkovitch Congo, NW Rhodesia, Angola
Laemophloeidae Mariolaemus eichelbaumi Grouvelle East Africa, Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Mariolaemus escalerai (Grouvelle) Belgian Congo, West Africa
Laemophloeidae Mariolaemus livens Grouvelle East Africa
Laemophloeidae Mariolaemus misellus (Grouvelle) Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Belgian Congo, Uganda, Angola, South Africa
Laemophloeidae Mestolaemus longicornis Lefkovitch West Africa, Angola
Laemophloeidae Metaxyphloeus germaini (Grouvelle) Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad, Colombia, Bolivia
Laemophloeidae Metaxyphloeus signatus (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Metaxyphloeus texanus (Schaeffer) Texas
Laemophloeidae Metaxyphloeus vicinus (Grouvelle) Mexico
Laemophloeidae Metaxyphloeus zeus Thomas Bolivia
Laemophloeidae Microbrontes blackburni (Grouvelle) Australia
Laemophloeidae Microbrontes laemophloeoides Reitter Japan
Laemophloeidae Microbrontes lineatus (Broun) New Zealand
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus brightensis (Blackburn) Australia
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus ferrugineus Lefkovitch Mauritius
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus interceptus (Grouvelle) India, Bhutan
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus mirificus (Grouvelle) Reunion Island
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus palpalis (Waterhouse) Mauritius
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus piceicollis (Lea) Australia
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus picipennis (Grouvelle) Sri Lanka, Bhutan, India
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus slades Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus strigiceps (Lea) Australia
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus sulcifrons (Grouvelle) Reunion Island
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus sylvestris (Grouvelle) India
Laemophloeidae Microlaemus turneri Lefkovitch South Africa
Laemophloeidae Narthecius arizonicus Dajoz Arizona
Laemophloeidae Narthecius crassiceps Sharp Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Narthecius grandiceps (LeConte) eastern United States
Laemophloeidae Narthecius haroldi Reitter Madagascar
Laemophloeidae Narthecius monticola Fall New Mexico
Laemophloeidae Narthecius schedli Lefkovitch Belgian Congo
Laemophloeidae Narthecius simulator Casey California
Laemophloeidae Narthecius striaticeps Fall California
Laemophloeidae Narthecius suturalis Grouvelle Larat Island
Laemophloeidae Nipponophloeus boninensis Nakane Japan
Laemophloeidae Nipponophloeus dorcoides (Reitter) Japan, Russia (Maritime Territory) =prostomoides
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus castaneus (Erichson) Europe
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus clarus Grouvelle South Africa, East Africa
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus cribratus (Reitter) Japan (placed in Placonotus by Iablokoff-Khnzorian)
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus elli Lefkovitch Congo
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus lewisi (Reitter) Japan
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus liganus Lefkovitch Congo, Angola
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus peringueyi Grouvelle South Africa
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus perrieri Grouvelle Madagascar
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus perspicuus (Grouvelle) Rhodesia, South Africa, Congo
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus picinus Grouvelle East Africa, Congo
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus riartus Lefkovitch Rhodesia, Congo, Angola
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus unifasciatus (Latreille) Europe
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus ussuriensis Iablokoff-Khnzorian Russia: Maritime Territory
Laemophloeidae Notolaemus wagneri Karner Rwanda
Laemophloeidae Odontophloeus crybetes Thomas Mexico, Costa Rica, Trinidad
Laemophloeidae Odontophloeus dives (Sharp) Costa Rica, Panama
Laemophloeidae Odontophloeus kesseli (Hetschko) Guatemala, Panama, Brazil
Laemophloeidae Odontophloeus quadridentatus (Champion) Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia
Laemophloeidae Parandrita aenea (Sharp) Hawaiii
Laemophloeidae Parandrita capito (Grouvelle) Mexico, Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Parandrita cephalotes (LeConte) California
Laemophloeidae Parandrita deceptor Sharp Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Parandrita gracilis Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Parandrita konae Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Parandrita liturata Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Parandrita molokaiae Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Parandrita perkinsi Sharp Hawaii
Laemophloeidae Parandrita permixtus (Grouvelle) Florida, West Indies, Panama
Laemophloeidae Parandrita permixtus (Grouvelle) Florida, West Indies, Panama
Laemophloeidae Parandrita stipes Sharp Mexico, Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Passandrophloeus belli Grouvelle East Indies
Laemophloeidae Passandrophloeus ditomoides Grouvelle East Indies
Laemophloeidae Passandrophloeus falcidens Grouvelle East Indies
Laemophloeidae Passandrophloeus glabriculus (Grouvelle) Indonesia
Laemophloeidae Passandrophloeus spinosus Grouvelle Burma
Laemophloeidae Phloeipsius fraudator (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus anticus (Sharp) Panama
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus boops (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus chamaeropis (Schwarz) southeastern United States
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus championi (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus curtus (Grouvelle) Panama, Brazil
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus endomychus (Sharp) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus hoplites (Sharp) Mexico, Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus ignobilis (Sharp) Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus immersus (Sharp) Panama
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus impressus (Grouvelle) Brazil
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus macrocephalus Schaeffer Arizona
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus punctulaticollis (Hetschko) Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus quinquearticulatus (Grouvelle) Brazil, Florida
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus reitteri (Grouvelle) Brazil, Panama (=breviceps)
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus sharpi (Hetschko) Panama (=minutus Sharp)
Laemophloeidae Phloeolaemus teapensis (Grouvelle ) Mexico
Laemophloeidae Placonotus africanus Lefkovitch Congo, Angola
Laemophloeidae Placonotus arizonensis Thomas Arizona, Mexico
Laemophloeidae Placonotus bolivari (Grouvelle) East and West Africa, Congo
Laemophloeidae Placonotus decoratus (Grouvelle) South Africa, Congo, Kenya
Laemophloeidae Placonotus debanus Mukhopadhyay India
Laemophloeidae Placonotus dolce Lefkovitch Congo
Laemophloeidae Placonotus donacioides (Wollaston) Madeira, Canaries
Laemophloeidae Placonotus ealaensis Lefkovitch Congo
Laemophloeidae Placonotus embuensis Thomas Kenya
Laemophloeidae Placonotus exornatus Grouvelle South Africa
Laemophloeidae Placonotus gladiator Thomas Malaysia (Sabah)
Laemophloeidae Placonotus granulatus (Wollaston) Madeira, Azores, Canaries (Lefkovitch treated this as a syn. of donacioides)
Laemophloeidae Placonotus himalaicus Mukhopadhyay & Sen Gupta India
Laemophloeidae Placonotus infimus (Sharp) Mexico, Panama
Laemophloeidae Placonotus keralicus Mukhopadhyay & Sen Gupta India
Laemophloeidae Placonotus macrognathus Thomas Florida, Cuba
Laemophloeidae Placonotus majus Lefkovitch central Africa, Nigeria to Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Colombia
Laemophloeidae Placonotus maya Thomas Mexico, Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Placonotus mestus Lefkovitch Sierra Leone, Congo
Laemophloeidae Placonotus modestus (Say) eastern United States, Mexico, Central America, West Indies
Laemophloeidae Placonotus mossus Lefkovitch Congo
Laemophloeidae Placonotus nitens (LeConte) western United States
Laemophloeidae Placonotus orientalis Grouvelle Sri Lanka
Laemophloeidae Placonotus pallentipennis (Reitter) Central and South America
Laemophloeidae Placonotus patruelis Thomas Guatemala
Laemophloeidae Placonotus planifrons Thomas St. Vincent, Grenada
Laemophloeidae Placonotus politissimus (Wollaston) Africa, Madagascar, Seychelles, Florida, Mexico, Central and South America, West Indies
Laemophloeidae Placonotus proximus Grouvelle Indonesia, India
Laemophloeidae Placonotus pseudomodestus Thomas Mexico, Central and South America
Laemophloeidae Placonotus pseudoproximus Mukhopadhyay & Sen Gupta India
Laemophloeidae Placonotus rigidus (Olliff) Australia
Laemophloeidae Placonotus saudicus Slipinski Saudi Arabia
Laemophloeidae Placonotus subgranulatus (Grouvelle) New Guinea
Laemophloeidae Placonotus subtestaceus (Grouvelle) New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia
Laemophloeidae Placonotus subtruncatus Lefkovitch Congo, West Africa
Laemophloeidae Placonotus tastus Lefkovitch Ethiopia
Laemophloeidae Placonotus testaceus (Fabricius) Europe, northern Asia
Laemophloeidae Placonotus torsus Mukhopadhyay & Sen Gupta India
Laemophloeidae Placonotus zimmermanni (LeConte) eastern North America
Laemophloeidae Planolestes brunneus (Grouvelle) Congo, East Africa (=cornutus)
Laemophloeidae Planolestes laevicornis Lefkovitch South Africa
Laemophloeidae Pseudophloeus fuscicornis (Reitter) Japan

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