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Resource related to everything about Macro Photography

Insects Macro Photography
Resources for digital cameras by Hector Niam



Beetles by A. Bochdansky & M. Kriftner

even 3D models and games!

Beetles by Stanislav Krejcik

Carabidae and Buprestidae by Roman Rejzek

Cetonidae [M.Krajcik]

Cetonidae and Lucanidae and Dynastinae by Rene Dus

Coleoptera by Bruce Marlin
and other insects..

Coleoptera by Lecdyatis

European Cerambycidae by Hoskovec M, Rejzek M.

Exotic Scarabaeidae (Ales Obst)

Featured Creatures University of Florida

Fotogalerie Coleoptera (Frank Koehler)

Goliathus and Cetonidae by Tomas Libich

Goliathus species [M.Krajcik]

Illustration of beetles by D.R.Maddison

Images for our Red Book

Photographs by M.Plonsky

Photographs by Poul Beckmann

Specimen Image database from W.Australian Agriculture Dep.

Tenebrionidae by Tichy

Thais - an italian site

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