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Pleocomidae are a monotypic family of about 33 species which are restricted to western North America. Males are winged and females wingless; neither feeds. Adults are usually active after autumn rains, hence the common name rain beetles. Larvae are slow-developing and long-lived (8-12 years), and moult several times (9+ instars). They feed on live roots of trees and grasses and are well adapted for burrowing (Ellertson & Ritcher 1959).

[G] Pleocoma||LeConte 1856
[S] australis Fall 1911
[S] badia badia Fall 1917
[S] badia hirsuta Davis 1936
[S] behrensi LeConte 1847
[S] bicolor Linsley 1935
[S] blaisdelli Linsley 1938
[S] conjugens Horn 1888
[S] conjugens hirsuta Davis, 1935
[S] crinita Linsley 1938
[S] dubitalis dubitalis Davis 1935
[S] dubitalis leachi Linsley 1938
[S] edwardsii LeConte 1874
[S] fimbriata LeConte 1856
[S] hirticollis [SS] hirticollis Schaufuss 1870[SS] reflexa Hovore 1972
[S] hirticollis vandykei Linsley 1938
[S] hoppingi Fall 1906
[S] linsleyi Hovore 1971
[S] lucis Linsley 1941
[S] marquai Hovore 1972
[S] minor Linsley 1938
[S] octopagina Robertson 1970
[S] oregonensis Leach 1933
[S] puncticollis Rivers 1889
[S] rickseckeri Horn 1888
[S] rubiginosa Hovore 1972
[S] shastensis Van Dyke 1933
[S] simi Davis 1934
[S] sonomae Linsley 1935
[S] tularensis Leach 1933
[S] venturae Linsley 1945
[G] Acoma

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