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The family Trogidae, also known as the skin beetles, is comprised of about 300 species in three genera worlwide. Trogids are distinctive in possessing a flat abdomen hidden in a side-view and a warty, tuberculate body, gray in color. Trogids are facultative necrophages: they are late-arrivers at a carcass where they feed on the dried skin, bone, hair, or feathers. Many species are associated -- sometimes exclusively -- with bird nests and mammal burrows where they feed on the dried wastes and shed feathers or hair. Adults are capable of stridulating when disturbed and will often play dead by retracting their appendages. Fourteen species from two genera are recorded from Wisconsin.

Some place glaresidae as a separate family

[F] Trogidae||Macleay 1819
[FAN] Keratin beetles
[FAN] hide beetles
[G] Omorgus||
Erichson 1847
[G] Trox||Fabricius 1775
[G] PHOBERUS||Macleay 1819
[G] GLARESIS||Erichson 1848
[S] alfierii
[S] arenata
[S] beckeri
[S] canadensis
[S] carthagensis
[S] cartwrighti
[S] ceballosi
[S] celiae
[S] clypeata
[S] confusa
[S] contrerasi
[S] dakotensis
[S] desperata
[S] ecostata
[S] exasperata
[S] foveolata
[S] freyi
[S] fritzi
[S] frustrata
[S] gineri
[S] handlirshci
[S] hispanus
[S] holmi
[S] howdeni
[S] impressicollis
[S] inducta
[S] kocheri
[S] koenigsbaueri
[S] longisternum
[S] lomii
[S] mandibularis
[S] maroccana
[S] mauritanica
[S] medialis
[S] mendica
[S] methneri
[S] minuta
[S] namibensis
[S] penrithae
[S] oxiana
[S] pardoi
[S] pardoalcaidei
[S] phoenicis
[S] porrecta
[S] quedenfeldti
[S] rufa
[S] texana
[S] tripolitana
[S] villiersi
[S] walzlae
[S] zarudniana

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