Prizes for Natural History Reseach
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The larges prize for natural history that I know of is the Cosmos Prize in
Japan. The current amount is 40 million yen, which today is about
U.S.$350,000. See

David E. Boufford
Harvard University Herbaria

One of the most highly regarded awards for Systematic Biologists is
the Linnean Society's Linnaean Medal (details at which has been
described by an obituarist of a former winner as the equivalent of a Nobel

Best regards

Liverpool Museum


Prizes & Awards of the Coleopterists Society:
Jean Theodore Lacordaire Prize
Awarded Annually for the Best Published Paper Based Upon a Doctoral Dissertation
The Lacordaire Prize gives annual recognition to the finest work by young Coleopterists. In addition to a cash prize of $300 and a plaque, the Prize represents the attainment of the highest achievement among the international community of scientists working on the biology and evolution of the beetles. Papers enter competition for the Prize grouped by the calendar year of publication. Nominations from the scientific community at-large and a distinguished panel of world leaders of the coleopterist community are judged by a Selection Committee of top researchers.

Youth Incentive Award
The Coleopterists Society, an international organization of professionals and hobbyists interested in the study of beetles, has established a program to recognize young people studying beetles. The Society has pledged up to $300 each year for the Youth Incentive Award Program. In addition to monetary grants of up to $150, award recipients will receive a one year subscription to the society journal, The Coleopterists Bulletin.
This program is for young coleopterists in grades 7-12
The objectives of the Youth Incentive Award are to:
provide encouragement and assistance to young beetle enthusiasts (grades 7-12).
promote the study of beetles, the most diverse group of insects, as a rewarding lifelong avocation or career.
provide opportunities for young people to develop important life skills such as leadership, cooperation, communication, planning and conducting a scientific study, grant writing and managing funds.
provide some financial support to enrich activities or projects.

Outstanding Paper of the Year Award

Awarded Annually for the Best Paper Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin
This award, in the form of a plaque, is presented each year at the annual meeting of the Coleopterists Society for the best paper published in the Coleopterists Bulletin from the preceding year. The paper is selected by the Editorial Committee of the Society. Papers are judged on quality, originality, and methodology of research, interpretation of data to support conclusions, special use of language or illustrations, and overall impact or importance of paper to the study of beetles. Since 1983, when the award was first initiated.

Brett C. Ratcliffe Curator & Professor Systematics Research Collections W436 Nebraska Hall


Not exactly prizes for natural history reseach, but you might be interested
in these:

Information on the John Burroughs Medal (through the American Museum of
Natural History), reported to be the highest honor in nature writing, can be
found at:

The 1974 recipient of this award was Sigurd F. Olson (Minnesota, USA), who's
institute also has a natural history award in his name: the Sigurd Olson
Nature Writing Award.

Sue Meades Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

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