How long beetle live?
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The larvae stage of some soil or wood dwelling beetles as Buprestidae, Lucanidae or Cerambycidae can extend 5 years, where adults live just few months. In case of very large Cerambycidae development can be ven 9 - 12 years.

There are at least two instars in the development of the larva, but usually more. Beetles larvae has mostly 3 - 4 larval instars.
There are some cases, like Dermestidae, that can have even 6 instars or more.





Longevity of adults has been reported from several carabid species (Schjötz-Christensen 1968; van Dijk 1972, 1979; Sota 1987, Rusdea 1992). In a Carabus auronitens enclosure population in Germany usually beetles of four-five generations are active during a spring season (Baumgartner et al. 1997).

Prof. Dr. F. Weber found in his investigations on Carabus auronitens (Col. Carabidae) individuals that were recaptured up to 7 years after their first appearance.

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