The most economical Cars
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Discovering the most economical cars.

 After so many requests from our readers, we are conducting a search to discover the most economical cars available in Australia In the following categories:

Small car
Medium family car
Small Four wheel drive car
Medium Four wheel drive car

All the available cars will be tested under the same conditions:

One week (7 days) CITY FAMILY TEST in the city environment, (around Sydney CBD area; taking children to school and back, shopping etc. just as in an ordinary family life.)

Weekend (3 days) HIGHWAY TEST when we travel on the highway M3 from Sydney to Young and come back the next day.

For our test-drive it is also important to mention that I am an ordinary driver, just like most of our readers.

The Tests results:

tjust under testing from 19th of August 2 - 20th of October 2008

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