Tilliards Glue
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Tillyards glue This recipe makes a good volume of glue which should last you a very long time is stored in an air tight bottle. I have a much smaller bottle that contains the glue I use regulary and dilute it down depending of the use ie. Point or Card. Here you go..... Gum Arabic 60 grams Sugar 30 grams Carbolic acid* 2 mL Ethanol (95%) 8 mL Distilled Water 45 mL [* Carbolic Acid, 5% Phenol Crystals dissolved in Distilled Water] Dissolve the Gum Arabic in warm distilled water. Add the Sugar, Carbolic Acid and Ethanol. Mix well. If the mixture is very lumpy then either let it settle and decant the glue off the lumps or filter through glass wool. But only if necessary. Hope this works as well for you as it does for me. Damien PS. If you would like me to send you a small bottle to try before you make your own just ask. Damien Coup Crop&Food Research Lincoln, Canterbury

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