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Tenebrionoidea is a very large and diverse superfamily of beetles.
It broadly corresponds to the 'Heteromera' of earlier authors.

It contains these families:

    Aderidae Winkler 1927 (antlike leaf beetles)
    Anthicidae Latreille 1819 (antlike flower beetles)
    Archeocrypticidae Kaszab 1964
    Boridae C. G. Thomson 1859
    Chalcodryidae Watt 1974
    Ciidae Leach 1819 (minute tree-fungus beetles) (= Cisidae)
    Melandryidae Leach 1815 (false darkling beetles)
    Meloidae Gyllenhal 1810 (blister beetles)
    Mordellidae Latreille 1802 (tumbling flower beetles)
    Mycetophagidae Leach 1815 (hairy fungus beetles)
    Mycteridae Blanchard 1845
    Oedemeridae Latreille 1810 (false blister beetles)
    Perimylopidae St. George 1939
    Prostomidae C. G. Thomson 1859
    Pterogeniidae Crowson 1953
    Pyrochroidae Latreille 1807 (fire-colored beetles, etc.)
    Pythidae Solier 1834
    Ripiphoridae Gemminger and Harold 1870 (wedge-shaped beetles) ( = Rhipiphoridae)
    Salpingidae Leach 1815 (narrow-waisted bark beetles, etc.)
    Scraptiidae Mulsant 1856 (false flower beetles)
    Stenotrachelidae C. G. Thomson 1859 (false long-horned beetles) ( = Cephaloidae)
    Synchroidae Lacordaire 1859
    Tenebrionidae Latreille 1802 (darkling beetles)
    Tetratomidae Billberg 1820
    Trachelostenidae Lacordaire 1859
    Trictenotomidae Blanchard 1845
    Ulodidae Pascoe 1869
    Zopheridae Solier 1834 (ironclad beetles, cylindrical bark beetles, etc.)

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