4 - 6 June, 2000 Symposium Biogeography of Southeast Asia 2000
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Symposium Biogeography of Southeast Asia 2000 - organisms and orogenesis

4-9 June 2000 an international symposium will be held on all aspects of the
biogeography of Southeast Asia in a attractively located conference centre
near Leiden, the Netherlands. The symposium aims at an integration of
geological and biological information. There will also be sessions on
applied biogeography (biodiversity informatics, conservation, etc.) and on
methodology in geological, paleontological and biogeographical research.

A flyer is available from the address below. The final announcement, with
forms for registration and abstract, will appear in September/October this
year. If you want to receive it, ask for the flyer or express your interest
in another way.

Dr Rienk de Jong
National Museum of Natural History
Department of Entomology
P.O. Box 9517
2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands
fax: *31 71 568 76 66
phone: *31 71 568 76 52

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