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List of the Entomological societies (over 300)
by Scientific Reference Resources

ACOREP - Association des Coléoptéristes de la Région Parisienne

Associazione Romana di Entomologia

Association Roussillonnaise d'Entomologie

Association of Systematics Collections

Australian Entomological Society

The British Entomological and Natural History Society

The Balfour~Browne Club (water beetles)

Council of Heads of Australian Entomological Collections

Coleopterists Society.

Entomological Society of America

The Entomological Society of Canada

Entomological Society of China

The Entomological Society of New Zealand

The Croatian Entomological Society Zagreb

Entomological Society of Latvia

the Entomological Society of Queensland

Entomology Australia
School of Integrative Biology
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Queensland

Entomological Society of Stockholm

Flemish Entomological Society

Gesellschaft fuer Biologische Systematik

Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History .

Internationaler Entomologischer Verein e. V. Frankfurt am Main

LCES - Lancashire & Cheshire Entomological Society

The Linnean Society - London

Lorquin Entomological Society

Münchner Entomologische Gesellschaft

Norsk Entomologisk Forenings

Polish Entomological Society

Royal Entomological Society of Antwerp, Belgium

Royal Entomological Society - London

Slovak Beetles Friends

Societe d'Entomologie Africaine

Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil

Association des coleopteristes de la region parisienne

The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

Sociedad Venezolana de Entomologia

The South Carolina Entomological Society

Vienna Coleopterist Society

Y.E.S. - Young. Entomol. Society

Club Earth "Beetles Alive" at Einstein's Emporium





Central and South America

North America


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