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Entomological Museum of Leon is organizing a field trip for collecting insects, for February 2000, including tropical dry forest, cloud forest, tall forest and tropical humid forest.
Dates and places :
Friday 28 of january :
Arrival to Managua - Nicaragua.
A shuttle bus will take the participants to the hotel Las Mercedes.
Dinner buffet, meeting of the participants.
Night in twin rooms.
Saturday 29 of january :
Departure for the biological station of San Ramon, Ometepe.
Dinner and instalation in Ometepe : Estación Biológica San Ramón, Maderas Volcano.
Short walk in the afternoon (optional).
Light collecting in the night.
Sunday 30 of january.
Trip in dry forest (½ hour walking to go).
Light collecting in the night.
Monday 31 of january
Trip in cloud forest (1 hour to go).
Light collecting in the night.
Tuesday 1 of february
Trip in cloud forest (1 hour to go).
Light collecting in the night.
Wednesday 2 of february
Short walk (optional)
Leave Ometepe
Going to Granada.
Thursday 3 of february
Trip in cloud forest on Volcán Mombacho.
Friday 4 of february
Trip in tall forest and cloud forest on Volcán Mombacho.
Saturday 5 of february
Going to Río San Juan, Estación Biológica BARTOLA.
Sunday 6 of february
Trip in tropical humid forest.
Light collecting in the night.
Monday 7 of february
Trip in tropical humid forest.
Light collecting in the night.
Thuesday 8 of february
Trip in tropical humid forest.
Light collecting in the night.
Wednesday 9 of february
Trip in tropical humid forest.
Light collecting in the night.
Thursday 10 of february
Going back to Managua
Night in Hotel Las Mercedes.
Friday 11 of february
Leaving Nicaragua.
Price : 1,200 US $ pre-paid.
All include (inside Nicaragua travels, hotel, field sations, meals).
Not include : alcoholic beverages, phone calls, visa and airport taxes.
Participant number : 12 maximum.
Collecting permits and agreements :
Each participant sign an agreement with the Entomological Museum. In the agreement the participant accepts to send back 1 specimen of each species he can identify, or, in the case it's unique, a picture. That agreement allow the participant to use the export permits of the Entomological Museum.
The collecting permits are valid only for insects and other invertebrates. For vertebrates, permits only allows observation and photography.
Collecting facilities :
Each participant will bring with him his own material to work.
In Ometepe and Bartola stations we will have a generator and light trap to collect in the night.
In Mombacho Volcano, a biological station is in project. As we are not completely shure that it will be finished in february, we let only two days at this place, with possibility of accomodation in Granada city. It will be difficult to collecting at night in Mombacho if accomodation is in Granada (if collecting at night then accomodation will not be very comfortable).
The day 3 of february of 2000 is new moon, so we will have good night-collecting during all the trip.
What to bring with you :
· To work : each participant is responsable to bring and care is own material. In Nicaragua it is possible to find batteries and films but it could be very difficult to find parts of specific material. Avoid very heavy material, difficult to bring with you during the day trips.
· To sleep : a light blanket, better in cotton or a light sleeping bag. Add a mosquito net if you want. We will be in dry season but there can fly some mosquitoes in Río San Juan. A flashlight.
· To eat. If vegetarian or needing a special diet, please avise with time to the organizer.
· To smoke : for smokers, remember no smoking in bus and rooms.
· For aquatic transport (there will be aquatic transports to Ometepe Station and to Bartola, on Río San Juan) : think in prepare some big plastic bags to packing the bags. Also packing some fragile stuff in plastic bags to avoid humidity damage.
· Security : Nicaragua is a quiet place but we recommand using a belt to put under the clothes, with special pockets to put money, credit cards, plane tickets, passport and other values). Keep an eye on your luggage.
· Medicine : if you are taking some medecine, take enough for the 15 days, in Nicaragua there are many pharmacy but very few different medecines. Ask to your doctor a anti-malaria treatment, to take normally 15 days before and after the trip. There are not many health problems in Nicaragua. Recommendation : do not drink water if not shure it is safe and take care to the food in the streets. Think also to a canteen or a bottle to carry the water. A small personal first-aid kit. Add also some strong anti-histaminic (for ant and wasp sting, there are also some urticant plants), Imodium or equivalent, something for stomach problems and head hake. Some fungic dust for the feets. Repellent for mosquitoes.
· For the field : comfortables shoes to walk, with good socks to avoid blister problems. A light bag to go in the fields, to take material to work and some water. The organisers take the meals and water.
· In Ometepe it will be possible to swim and make some kayak.
· Cloths : light, better cotton made. Comfortable shoes to walk and light sandals to rest in the station. A sun hat and a very light raincoat.
· Music : all music material with earplugs.
Confirmation of your participation before 30 of October.
For more information contact :
Jean-Michel Maes

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