White-collar Organized Crime in Entomology
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 Scientific societies in the U.S. are increasingly coming under the control of mutual-favor affiliates, who hire only from the pool of "friends" (white-collar mobsters).

 With this obligation in their practices, organizations once affected, are always increasingly affected as time passes.
1. They do not consider the majority sector of the population in their hiring.
2. . They obtain federal research dollars for the exclusive benefit of affiliates, which includes subcontracted groups.
3. . They only appoint affiliates to the ranks of society governing board sand journal editorial boards.

They mentor junior affiliate students with favoritism, not based on merit. The major universities that participate in this criminal activity are often land-grant universities, but the practices have spread to where non-land-grant universities are also very seriously affected.
An example is UC Boulder (in many different science disciplines).

A partial list of affected universities:
a. Cornell
b. Texas A&M
c. Ohio State University
d. New Mexico State at Las Cruces
e. Colorado State University at Ft. Collins
f. Kansas State University at Manhattan
g. University of Nebraska at Lincoln
h. Universities in Idaho, Dakotas, and Utah
i. Washington State University at Pullman
j. University of Florida at Gainesville
k. University of Wyoming at Laramie
l. University of Delaware

The mutual-favour sector is spreading to ominous levels in many disciplines. Even though mutual favours might not seem so serious, it is extremely serious
 Mutual favours are the mode of ops for mobsters. The white-collar group in academia has ties to mobsters, corporate elites (U.S. and transnational), and even fascist groups in U.S. intelligence and military. These people consider themselves the elites of the New World Order.
 With control of academic institutions, press, leadership in countries, corporations, etc., they will eventually transform the world into one which is mob-controlled.

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