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What is a beetle / coleoptera (for begginers)

The biggest, the smallest ? How many beetles are there?

How long beetles are on the Earth.

There are beetles poisonous?

How long beetle live?

The longest and the shortest name

Unusual names of beetles

Ethic of collecting

Entomology Resources by Online University

Mysterious creatures

Book of Insects records by University of Florida


How to collect beetles

How to prepare (set up, mounting) beetles

How to keep collection.
(storage, pests, moulds, etc)

What to do with collection
What do do with collection if You do not want anymore or you inherit one..


A place for the curious to help them track down and get information about insects they may encounter here in California and elsewhere

The Insect book of records.
by University of Florida

How to find a locality


Red Book of beetles.

Wildlife protection - Australia

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