How to collect beetles
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Collecting Equipment:

killing jar
killing agent
sweep or/and aerial net
knife ( I am using steel throwing knife called "silver arrow")

Further collecting equipment:
Portable light
pitfall trap
berlese funnel
chopin and prying tools
malaise trap


A - You can kill insects using ethyl acetate or amyl acetate, Few drops into tissue or coarse sawdust glass or PVC jar 100ml It is better to add few drop every few hours depend on the evaporation, then to have tissue/paper too wet. It is good to add few drops after the collecting, prevent dry out specimens

B - .There is also method using dry ice for killing the insects. Even you can put insects in the freezer for few days

From George Hangay:

I find 600 ml( or smaller) plastic softdrink bottles most suitable for collecting coleoptera. They are cheap, do not breake and the narrow mouth does not allow quick evaporation of the ethyl acetate. Care must be taken by choosing the bottle; some may be effected by the ethyl acetate.Once you know which brand is best, stick with that ( e. g. Coke).
You do not have to drink the stuff, if you don't like it!!

A charged bottle will last for hours without added ethyl acetate.

Where you look and collect beetles:
a. under the bark of trees
b. under logs and stones
c. on the flowers and leaves.
d. on and in the soil under carcasses
e. in animals excrements, especially cows


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