Oudhia, Pankaj
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1.Oudhia, Pankaj and Thakur, B.S. (1996) New record of the leaf beetle on a weed. Current Research 25 : 218.

2.Oudhia, P. (1997) Evaluation of host specificity of Blumea leaf beetle (Chrysolina sp. nr. madrasae Jackoby). Insect Environment. 3 (3): 80.

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4.Oudhia, P. (1999) Effect of some botanicals on hatchability of Blumea leaf beetle eggs. Insect Environment. 4(4) : 154

5.Oudhia, P. (1999) Blumea leaf beetle in Chhattisgarh Plains. Insect Environment. 5 (1): 22.

6.Oudhia, P. and Ganguli, J. (1999). Outbreak of Tortoise beetle Aspidomorpha miliaris F. (Coleoptera ; Chrysomelidae) in Chhattisgarh plains. Insect Environment 5(3) : 110-111.

7.Oudhia, P. (1999). Effects of Total Solar Eclipse on activities of some insects and mites. Insect Environment 5(3) : 113-114.

8.Oudhia, P. (2000). Studies on host specificity and preference of the metallic coloured Tortoise beetle (Aspidomorpha miliaris F.) Ecol. Env. And Cons.6(3):357-359.

9.Oudhia, P. (2000). Studies on host specificity of the orange Banded Blister beetle (Zonabris pustulata L.) Ecol. Environ. And Conv. (In press).

10.Oudhia, P. (2000). Effects of leaf extracts on Metallic Coloured Tortoise beetle Aspidomorpha miliaris F. Insect Environment 5(4) : 165.

11.Oudhia, P. (2000). Toxic effects of Parthenium leaf extracts on Aspidomorpha miliaris F. and Zonabris pustulata Thunb. Insect Environment 5(4) : 168.

12.Oudhia, P. and Ganguli, R. N. (1999) Chrysolina madrassae: A potential bio-control agent for Blumea lacera. VIII Biennial Conference of Indian Society of Weed Science held at BHU, Varanasi 5-7 Feb. p 134.

13.Oudhia,P. (2000).Evaluation of some botanicals against orange banded blister beetle(Zonabris pustulata Thunb.).Crop Research 20(3):558-559

Details of my work are given at

14.Oudhia,P.(2000).Record of Orange Banded Blister Beetle Zonabris pustulata Thunb.(Coleoptera: Meloidae) on Safed Moosli(Chlorophytum borivilianum).Insect Environment.6(3):138

15.Oudhia,P.(2000).Effect of some leaf leachates on hatchability of Blumea leaf beetle(Chrysolina madrasae Jackoby) Eggs.Indian J. Weed Sci. 32(3&4):206-207.

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